Janet Matricciani

Professional Overview

Dynamic International Executive

A standout in her industry, Janet Matricciani is a talented executive, one of six women working in financial services as a CEO. She has distinguished herself as a passionate and dynamic Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer for both public and private-equity-backed companies. 

With more than three decades of experience under her belt, Janet got her professional start working as an Associate Consultant for LEK Consulting, a pan-European consulting firm operating out of London, Paris, and Munich. From there, she stepped into the role of Case Team Leader for Monitor Company in New York City, where she led teams consisting of up to 10 individuals through a variety of industries in multiple locations around the United States. After two years, she took on a new role with McKinsey & Co. as an Engagement Manager operating out of Miami and London and focusing on the telecommunications and financial services sectors. 

In 2001, Janet Matricciani moved into the role of Vice President for Capital One, where she worked as the Managing Director for International Corporate Development from 2001 to 2003 and the Managing Director for Installment Loans from 2003 – 2005. From there, she joined Countrywide Bank as the Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer, and Head of Strategic Planning, where she developed and implemented strategic planning activities for 19 divisions, managed investor relations, and more. 

In her next role, she worked as the Senior Vice President for the Corporate Development of K12; here, she was responsible for deal sourcing and negotiation for all corporate development activities, and she also spearheaded the transition to a new payroll provider, which saved the business more than three million dollars. After two years, she joined Antenna International in 2010, where she served as Chief Executive Officer while also holding board and director positions as well. In 2014, Janet joined World Finance as Chief Executive Officer and President for one of the United States’ largest small-loan consumer finance companies. 

Most recently in her career, Janet has been serving as the President and COO for AHP Inc. in a role she’s held since early 2022. In her position, she is responsible for leading all business units and human resources functions as well as putting all functionality, reports, processes, and collaborations in place that help make a successful business. Janet has also been working as a Consultant with JLM Consulting, where she has worked on and off since 2018 to advise EdTech and FinTech businesses on data use and operational processes.

What sets Janet Matricciani apart from others in her field and what helps her keep her cutting edge is her strive for excellence and her out-of-the-box thinking, both of which have helped her increase business value and reduce operational costs. 

Janet Matricciani holds her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering from the University of Cambridge. She is also multilingual with English as a native language and full professional proficiency in French and Spanish, and professional working proficiency in German, Russian, and limited Portuguese. 

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